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A Very Short About Me & My Opinion On A Few Things:

I am a wife and a mother of 5. When there is spare time in my day, I like to make hair bows, tutus, dresses, and keepsakes.

I make custom hair bows to match any outfit. It's amazing how even a tiny simple hair bow can make a little baby, girl or a family pet look so much more put together! I have acquired so many colors, sizes, styles, and characters of ribbon and hair bow accessories! There are sooo many possibilities.

I have made several tutus for my girls. One of my favorites was for this past fourth of july. They were soo adorable and had a ton of fun running around in them! For me, they can be easy to make but take a ton of time and planning (I like to over do them).

I have made a few dresses for my girls. Pillow case dresses, tinkerbell, and her sister. I bought halloween costumes last year for them and one was way too small. I altered it and added some extras, then topped it off with a bow I custom made for the costume. The other costume was a little too big, not warm enough, and I noticed other kids had the same one. So.. I altered the size to fit, added warmth, added personal touches and of course a custom bow was needed!

I have an old very cherished blanket my granny made for me when I was like 7 years old. It has been thru alot. I have just stopped using it for real. It has become so worn and beaten and faded. I'm scared to wash it or use it anymore. I don't want to fold it up and lock it away. So my plan is to make it into a stuffed animal. I would be able to put it up on display. That blanket has been with me thru everything. I guess you could call it my "blankie". I would much rather have it out then put up.

I have been saving all of my favorite and most worn clothes my babys have gone and will be going through. I plan on making these into a keepsake for myself. They will be grown and gone one day and I would love to have a big blanket to cuddle up to that reminds me of them. And it won't stop there. I'm keeping their favorite shirts from middle and high school days. These will be made into a big blanket to be given back to them on some special occasion for example, their wedding day or 25th birthday.

Rite now it's mixed emotions and adjusting to everything. I have just had my last baby. For me, it's sad to think that I will never get to grow or have a tiny baby ever again. Then it's so exciting to think this is it! My two oldest kids are now in school and daycare. It's a short but good amount of time to do some chores, run errands, play with kids, or for hobbies.